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Welcome to Savory Creations LLC, where we bring affordable and personalized meal preparation right to your doorstep. Chef Shawn McManus and our team of skilled chefs are dedicated to making your life healthier and easier

through our diverse culinary services.


(1) Select Your Service:


Traditional Personal Chef Service: Experience the luxury of having a personal chef cater to your specific dietary needs and personal goals. We delve into the details of your preferences, crafting a custom meal plan that suits your taste. Our chefs visit regularly (typically once a week), preparing multiple meals to keep your dining experience exquisite. Contact us to set up this tailored arrangement!

Online Meal Customization: For a seamless and convenient experience, explore our user-friendly website, offering full meal customization and scheduling capabilities. Browse our extensive menu catering to various diets. Have a recipe in mind? No problem! Email it to, along with your serving size and contact number. Plus, with every main dish, enjoy a complimentary side or dessert!

(2) Schedule Your Meal:

For the traditional personal chef service, we'll create a schedule to provide you with regular meals. Using our website? Simply add your selected meals to your cart, choose the service date, and submit your payment. If you have a specific recipe in mind, email it to us, and we'll process your payment over the phone. Check out the pricing table below for details.

As you can see, each meal comes with a complimentary side or dessert, and the preparation fee remains the same whether you order one serving or eight. So, ordering 8 servings at $70 is just over $8 per serving!

You have the flexibility to provide your ingredients or let us fetch them for you from the grocery store of your choice. If we obtain the ingredients, the reimbursement cost and a $35 shopping fee will be applied to your order.

(3) Enjoy!

Your part is done! Chef Shawn and the team will arrive at your home, prepare the meal(s) in your kitchen, and handle the cleanup. Now, you can redirect your time and energy to more important aspects of life!

Contact us today to embark on a culinary journey that blends affordability with gourmet excellence. Let Savory Creations LLC redefine your dining experience!

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